MTT Oy originated in 2013 as the international subsidiary of MTT Russia, to handle the worldwide retail traffic generated by MTT and at the same time offer a Carrier to Carrier service. 

Today, with up to 200 operators in 60 countries directly interconnected, MTT Oy ensures the highest and premium standards of service quality at the best costs.

Thanks to a team with extensive experience in the industry and through our International presence in terms of PoP’s and offices our ambition is to compete as a Top player on wholesale market.

Why to choose us

Retail Customer

Extensive experience in serving retail Fix and Mobile Carriers


Dynamic and Flexible Routing


More than 120 direct interconnections with Tier-1 Operators

Customer care

NOC assistance 24/7

Easy to interconnect

VoIP and SS7 A-Z worldwide terminations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days

Our people

Great mix of skill and enthusiasm in our people

Our mission

To be a Top player on the wholesale market and become a landmark in the TLC industry thanks to our reliability and customization offered.

We are confident to achieve our mission highlights of experienced skills in serving Retail Tier-1 fix and mobile customers, as well as wholesale ones.

Our Customer Base distribution

Mobile Carrier 45%
Fix Carrier 35%
Wholesale Carrier 20%